How to Post a Blog in WordPress

Blogging was made easy and even an art with WordPress. This site indeed elevated blogging to its highest form that is why more and more people are now getting into this particular activity. With WordPress, blogging became significantly enjoyable and exciting. And because of its user friendly feature, it can now be manipulated not only by experts but beginners as well. But how could one make or post a blog with WordPress? Here’s how:

Easy Procedures
Go to the Dashboard
This is where everything lies, and be sure to go there for you will see the status of your account. The dashboard contains data such as the number of posts, views and those blogs that are still on the process. Before starting, be sure to check this out first so that you would not miss a thing.

Choose Pages and Add New
Once you do this from the left part of the screen, you will be able to see a new page where you can post blogs and all other things that you might need to have for the website.

Type a Page Name
page nameOn the top of the page, there is a text box that you can use. This will let you choose the title page that you need for the site.

Type in the Content
The text box below the page name box will let you create your content. Make sure that you fill it up with the ideas that you want so that your ideas will become an article or a simple content that people will read.

Click the Publish Button
Once you’re done with it, be sure to click the publish button so that it will be send right away to your WordPress asite.

Go to Settings and Reading
This will give you an overview of the page that you posted so far.

Choose the Page that you Made to do Some Adjustments
Select the blog that you just made, and be sure to adjust the number of posts that you want to show so that things will go according to your preferences. This will also make you change the article itself if you want to edit it.

Save it
Once it’s all done, just save it for you to finally finish everything that you worked hard for.

wordpress post creationThese are the simple steps in creating a post in WordPress. Indeed, there is no need for you to be an expert or even a web master just to understand WordPress fully. It’s just a matter of little exploring and then you’re already on the game.

This is a well-known site that will help you in terms of posting the best information that you might want and love to share to the people that are planning to learn more from a certain niche. This is a search engine friendly site as well which is why it will be the perfect way for you to post the perfect information that you just need.

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