Installing Lightroom Presets in Easy Steps

LR16Lightroom is one of the best and awesome software editing packages for photographers. With Lightroom, you can create presets as many as you like. Presets and other free photoshop elements actions can save your time especially in editing process and installing them is a snap.

Photographers are always searching for creative and trendy “looks” to apply to their photos.  Lightroom presets can be your most powerful friend in making your workflow travel at the speed of light.

My friends keep asking me how I manage to install the presets without making any mistakes. And I want to share with you how to install Lightroom presets. Below are the steps on how to do it.

Step 1:  Download some Lightroom presets from Sleeklens. Presets are available online for free downloadable or you can buy them.

Step 2: After downloading unzip the presets file, and go to the Lightroom and click “Edit”.

Step 3: A new window will pop up, and then click the “presets tab”

Step 4: Click on the box titled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder” under location.

Step 5: Locate and double click the folder “Lightroom”.

Step 6: Next, open “Develop Presets Folder”.

Step 7: Copy the presets that you just downloaded into the “Develop Presets Folder”.

Step 8: If Lightroom was open when you copied the presets, you must close it and restart.

Step 9: And now, you can import your photos and edit it in the most simplest and efficient way.

Finally, you have your own Lightroom presets and you can use them whenever you want. With Lightroom presets, you can definitely create your photos outstanding, stunning and captivating.

Lightroom offers you a lot of presets and it can truly help you and minimize your workflow. Lightroom presets bring many surprising benefits. What are those benefits? Use Lightroom now and discover the power and uniqueness.

If you’re having trouble installing Lightroom, check out this video.

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